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Part 1 – SOCIAL Social Studies Educator Spotlight: Sarah Mahoney

In our ongoing series of interviews with outstanding Social Studies educators, we are thrilled to introduce Sarah Mahoney, a dedicated teacher who wears multiple hats at a University of Texas Charter school. Sarah serves as the Social Studies, Math, and Special Education Lead teacher for students aged 5-11, and her »

Meet the Team: Sue Reiss, Director of Curriculum Development

We are excited for you to meet Sue Reiss, our dedicated Director of Curriculum Development at Exploros. Delve into her professional journey and gain valuable insights as she shares her role in shaping our impactful Social Studies curriculum. I love to travel; standing at the edge of the Sea of »

Educators Speak: Exploros Promotes Critical Thinking

From evaluating historical events to examining different cultural perspectives, social studies plays a pivotal role in fostering critical thinking skills in students. By engaging with a wide range of topics, students are encouraged to analyze, question, and form informed opinions, thereby nurturing their ability to think critically. In today's ever-changing »

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