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Inclusive Learning: A Deep Dive into the Impact of SOCIAL Social Studies and Exploros

09 Jan, 2024

At the core of Exploros SOCIAL Social Studies lies a commitment to fostering meaningful conversations, placing every student's voice at the forefront. Facilitated by technology, this dynamic interaction shapes powerful standards-based learning experiences, creating a dynamic and inclusive social studies classroom. The chart below illustrates how Exploros excels in key areas such as prioritizing student voices, leveraging technology effectively, promoting interactivity, capturing real-time engagement, and empowering educators with valuable data insights.

Impact of SOCIAL Social Studies and Exploros

In essence, teachers adopting Exploros SOCIAL Social Studies gain a tech-teaching assistant that scaffolds daily instructional activities and gathers invaluable student input. This innovative approach liberates teachers to focus on individual student interests and needs. As a result, students become more engaged in the learning process, and educators not only find renewed teaching motivation but also achieve a greater impact in the classroom.

Join us in this exploration of the future of social studies education, where every click, interaction, and conversation paves the way for a more enriching educational experience.

To sign up:

  1. Go to and click "I'm a Teacher"

  2. Choose the Social Studies Program

  3. Enter your campus zip code, and choose your campus from the dropdown list

  4. Complete the signup process by Signing up with Google

As we embrace the possibilities of 2024, we're excited to embark on this educational journey together, shaping the future of social studies education. Stay tuned for insights from our recent educator survey in next week's blog!

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