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Exploros Educator Spotlight: Sarah Mahoney

26 Mar, 2024

In our ongoing series of interviews with outstanding Social Studies educators, we are thrilled to introduce Sarah Mahoney, a dedicated teacher who wears multiple hats for The University of Texas Charter School System. Sarah serves as the Social Studies, Math, and Special Education Lead teacher for students grades 5-11.

Exploros - Sarah Mahoney

Q1: 🌟 Please introduce yourself, including your name, the subject you teach, and the grade level of your students.

A1: Hi, I'm Sarah Mahoney, and I proudly serve as the Social Studies, Math, and Special Education Lead teacher for students grades 5-11 at a University of Texas Charter school. Our school's distinctive feature is its focus on students at a residential treatment center.

Q2: 🌐 Social Studies encompasses a wide range of topics. What aspect of Social Studies do you find most fascinating and enjoy teaching the most, and why?

A2: What truly captivates me is teaching students to identify patterns and predict responses from leaders and citizens in reaction to current events. Drawing parallels between present-day situations and historical examples is immensely rewarding. It indicates that students are not only retaining information but also applying it in a meaningful way.

Q3: 🎉 Can you share a specific success story or a memorable moment in your classroom that was made possible by Exploros?

A3: Exploros has transformed the way my students engage with the curriculum. One standout feature is students' access to their work in the future, enabling them to revisit topics whenever they arise. The American Revolution and Constitution units remain alive and relevant all year long, fostering a continuous learning experience.

Q4: 🚀 What are some key benefits of using technology like Exploros in Social Studies classes?

A4: In our multi-grade classroom, Exploros empowers students to become peer tutors. The seamless interaction between a 5th grader seeking insights from a 6th grader on historical events creates a collaborative learning environment. This dynamic allows for high-level discussions and builds on prior knowledge, fostering a sense of community and shared learning experiences across different grade levels.

Q5: 💡 Share a valuable teaching tip for fellow Social Studies educators:

A5: Embrace the curiosity of your students. Allowing them to delve deeper into figures or events of interest can be highly beneficial. In my 8th-grade class, the exploration of founding fathers' rivalries and their unsuitability for office has sparked engaging discussions. By encouraging students to connect historical events with contemporary issues, we create a learning environment that is both relevant and impactful.
Stay tuned for our next blog, where we will provide an inside look at Sarah's classroom, showcasing her teaching methods in action. Witness the dynamic intersection of technology, engagement, and impactful learning experiences!

This interview serves as a reminder of the power of education and the difference dedicated teachers like Sarah Mahoney can make in the lives of their students. Her story is a testament to the importance of adaptability, passion, and innovation in teaching. As we continue to explore the experiences of outstanding educators, Sarah's approach offers inspiration and practical advice for integrating technology and fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of Social Studies among students.

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