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Exploros Educator Spotlight: Matt Boedeker, Lubbock ISD

17 Apr, 2024

Our latest Exploros Educator Spotlight is Matt Boedeker, who teaches 9th-grade World Geography at Monterey High School in Lubbock, TX. Matt emphasizes how Social Studies helps us understand the connections between people and places, highlighting the importance of these connections in our global community. By integrating technology like Exploros in his classroom, Matt not only enriches learning experiences but also fosters meaningful discussions and collaboration among his students, helping them grasp the extensive networks that influence us all.

Exploros - Matt Boedeker

Q1: 🌟 Please introduce yourself, including your name, the subject you teach, and the grade level of your students.

Matt Boedeker, World Geography, 9th grade, Monterey High School Lubbock, TX.

Q2: 🌐 Social Studies encompasses a wide range of topics. What aspect of Social Studies do you find most fascinating and enjoy teaching the most, and why?

I find it super fascinating how connected we all are on Earth. Social studies helps us understand how and why are all connected and the importance of this connection.

Q3: 🎉 Can you share a specific success story or a memorable moment in your classroom that was made possible by Exploros?

After taking a CFA test, a student who normally struggles, stated that the test was super easy because she remembered the information from her Exploros experiences.

Q4: 🚀 What are some key benefits of using technology like Exploros in Social Studies classes?

Exploros has allowed kids to collaborate, and starts some very good conversations in their groups. It also allows some of the higher and lower students to work at their own pace without feeling pressured.

Q5: 💡 Share a valuable teaching tip for fellow Social Studies educators:

Exploros does a great job at making connections to previous content as well as to real world experiences. These connections make the learning fun and the rigor pushes students to other very best.

The Exploros Educator Spotlight series aims to recognize and celebrate teachers who skillfully integrate technology into their classrooms to enhance learning and foster deeper student engagement. As a featured educator, Matt Boedeker exemplifies the ideals of this initiative through his innovative use of the Exploros platform in teaching World Geography. His approach not only makes his lessons interactive and memorable but also demonstrates how technology can be a catalyst for educational transformation. By facilitating student collaboration and tailored learning experiences, Matt ensures that his teachings resonate well beyond the classroom, preparing his students to become informed and thoughtful global citizens. Congratulations, Matt!

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