Early Republic: Review

US History The Early Republic Early Republic Review
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Administering the Practice Test
This user-friendly system allows you to administer online assessments and to view reports to help you assess student learning. 
Student responses are automatically scored.
If students exit the test without completing it, upon re-entry they will be taken to the last question they completed. If students click the End Test button on the last question, they will not be able to re-enter the test. Ensure that students are certain that they have completed the test before they click the button.
Once the experience has expired, students can review their responses in the experience in the Ended list. You can view a report of the student results in the ended experience.

Taking the Practice Test
Answer the questions in order. If you need to skip a question, you can return to it.
When you are certain that you have answered all questions and do not want to change any of your answers, click the End Test button on the last question screen.

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